Intriguing JavaScript – 1

JavaScript as a first-class language… something that never occurred to me or never was a mandate till now.

I typically spend lot of time mashing up my experiences to put together a blog, but the pace at which I work doesn’t give me the luxury to put together and convey something the way I want to. So, just a change in strategy, it’s just going to be a travelogue (to the extent it would just be a snap-shot/crumb-trail of my browser history).

It’s really amazing how this language has evolved.

Created in 10 days by Brendan Eich (A good video to watch… “JavaScript at 17” –

There’s a beautiful set of videos from Douglas Crockford (A must-see ones for any JS programmer) –

And finally to wrap this blog an amazing jump-start book for JS programming  –

Have fun with JS!