.NET Design Patterns

Hello World!!!

So happy to announce my first book which I co-authored with my friend and mentor Praseed Pai.

This book is more a practitioners hand-book (amasses collective wisdom of over 4 decades) that shows you how to deal with architecture/design techniques, GoF patterns, relevant patterns from other catalogs, functional programming, and reactive programming in .NET

Please grab a copy of this book from the image link below:

Encourage all interested technology folks to recommend, read and provide feedback.

My Son’s first expression on Notepad




Probably my first personal blog. But this one remains close to my heart especially considering the excitement, precision and care in which he punched his short bio in (with those tabs and spaces). Reminds me of someone who I still manage to be 🙂

Herewith WWW… the first impression of my passing DNA!

A Good Day In My Life

This anniversary ended on a great note!

  • The entire 24 hrs I was with my family.
  • Visited an underprivileged organization and offered a helping hand.
  • I accomplished yet another item on my wish-list (I promise this would be my next blog).
  • My Project Manager called me and said that we had made a good delivery.
  • We had a peaceful dinner with a very good friend and his family.
  • And last but not least we were all happy the entire 24 hours.

Couldn’t ask for more. Thank you Lord!